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Text T hush bolt

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    Text T hush bolt

    So in my searches to improve the Sabr's efficiency I looked up Spyder Victor mods. One thing I saw was a bolt that lowered psi to increase fps from Tech T called the Hush bolt.

    Do any of yinz Spyder shooters use a tech T hush bolt?

    What is your experience with this bolt in decreasing operating pressure to increase shots off a tank?

    Anyone shooting a tech T bolt in a Spyder Victor?


    Hush bolts are sometimes worth it, sometimes not. In the case of Spyders, I'm not sure. If the factory bolt is already plastic then I think swapping plastic bolts would have minimal impact unless the Hush bolt has o-rings. Many Spyder bolts don't have o-rings and ones that do can result in an increase in FPS, which would allow for less spring tension.
    Is the hammer polished or does it have that black finish? If it's black, you could polish that up. That alone would likely allow you to reduce your mainspring tension.
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      I've used the TechT Zero Kick Hammers , Super bolts and Fang triggers to good success in my 98s. The hairpin kit for super fast trigger I was not able to make work for me as well. I've never tried any of their Hush Bolt systems, but I can vouch for their build quality!


        id agree with Glaman. the hush bolts said they improved efficiency by removing the diffuser in the stock bolt. if its an old victor with the metal bolt, you can simply remove the diffuser.
        if its a newer victor with the delrin bolt (it wont have a diffuser), you can upgrade to a delrin bolt that has an o-ring before and after the port. that will help allot.
        you can also super glue an o-ring to the face of the bolt to prevent rollback. that will help as well.

        other than that, the biggest "game changer" is paint. dont get tooooo held up on "performance". make it how you want it...


        • Jonnydread


          Editing a comment
          Ooh I've never heard it called a diffuser before. Back in my day we called it THE VENTURI and it was made to be destroyed. It's funny cause now I strongly prefer venturi-style bolts, but back in those days we all drank the LP Koolaid.

        Hush bolt is a decent option if you are going low pressure, unless you already have a Delrin bolt. There used to be a lot of bolt options, but it is nice that the Tech-T bolt is still available. I think they are better than a shocktech bolt. Worth the money...??? Meh... but you might have to use one if seeking a super low pressure setup. The other nice thing about the Hush bolt is I think you can use it on any spyder, so you have a lot of options to play around with.


          YES, the venturi. lol
          i couldnt think of the name for the life of me.

          the important thing is the o-rings before and after the port and preventing roll back.