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New Millennium bodies? Is this legit?

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    New Millennium bodies? Is this legit?

    Never heard of this site but seems pretty legit and also fairly reasonably priced. Does anyone have experience dealing with these people?

    Also the blue black acid wash body is mine stay away.

    I ordered an empire spring feed and a few other parts from them recently. Got everything OK.


      I've heard good things and that they are honest sellers


        I bought a Mellinum body off there about a year ago. No issues.


          Dirty Works bought all of Bob Long's old stock when they closed/sold. They do not own any of the Field One guns or gear, that is a separate company. They also bought out/took over Oregon Paintball. They are local to me and I picked up a NOS Dragon body. I did some custom work for Richard (the owner) and was fine. But I know a member here worked for them and has some horror stories from it.

          Recommendation - Call and ask if something is in stock to double check and make sure your order is taken care of.