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Spyder Ball Detent Information

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    Wow, so glad I was pointed this direction. Gotta get an old Electra DX working and this is the last piece. Gonna tap my buddy with a printer on the shoulder for sure!


      My friend printed off a few sets of these in ABS (for longevity and we’re getting close. He’s modifying the models slightly since we found the detent on my old TL-R has a flat surface against the body instead of a rounded one and we also noticed the tube for the ball is longer on the stock detent than what printed out from these files. all of this is based on your work - thanks so much for sharing!

      When he’s made some for both rounded bodies and flat-sided bodies that fit snugly and stop rollouts, we will share out the files here along with the temperature, nozzle size, and feed rate settings.


        Sounds good! I forgot about the flat sided detents and I certainly don’t have any but would have made a model for them if I did. I don’t doubt that of you chopped the curved sections off that would cause the ball and spring bore to sit to deep in the marker. It definitely requires some trial and error. I think I went through probably 3 or 4 revisions to get it to this point. But I’m glad you got it worked out!
        My feedback


          Thought it would be a good idea to post my Raven Primal detent/eye covers that I designed to be exact replicas of the original spring loaded ball bearing detent style. I have printed these on a stratasys uprint se plus printers with a slice height of .010" and they turned out perfect! Let me know if there is anything else I can do, I have the capability to use my 3D modeling software to design almost anything.
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