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Loctite on LPC?

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    Loctite on LPC?

    Working on my Spyder Shutter, and one thing I'm replacing (for looks and cause its cheap) is the LPC. Have a Shocktech one on the way.

    Went to unscrew it, and it didn't budge. Buggered up the slot in the front cause it wouldn't move.

    After multiple tries, with different methods, I finally broke it out. Had the block clamped in a padded vice, and had to use vice grips on the LPC.

    I did get it out, and it looks like there was some clear-ish threadlocker of some sort on the threads. Got it all cleaned up with no damage to the front block thankfully, but the front of the stock LPC is toast now.

    Was this threadlocked from the factory? I dont understand why as there is an o-ring to seal it.

    is this normal?

    I have never seen one loctited. If it was clear it almost sounds like super glue.

    Was the o ring still there? I wonder if the o ring failed, so they simply super glued it.


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      Yes, oring was still there and in mint condition. Not dried and cracked or old and slimy like the rubber was breaking down.

    And here's a pic of where I'm at so far. Coming along nicely if I do say so myself lol.
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      shouldn't be any loc-tite, glue, sealant, or setscrew there.


        Looks like the previous owner left you a little gift, so you had something to feel extra proud of when you're done. How kind of them.
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          What I found most interesting, was the condition of the O-Rings on the LPC, as well as the O-Rings on the vertical grip adapter block thingy (the piece the LPC screws into). All the O-Rings looked to be in really nice shape, which makes me think someone was in there not too long ago.

          The ball detent also looked to be in like-new condition, so either replaced or it just wasn't used much. Has a black, round, pin & disc style one.


            In my field tech days I've seen many an idiot super glue those on


              The o-ring and frame screw is all that is ever needed on the LPC. Probably the only o-ring on a spyder that never fails lol.
              Clear glue is probably super glue.