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An interesting thing to note about the Kingman subforum:

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    An interesting thing to note about the Kingman subforum:

    I notice patterns, statistics, numbers and such, It's neat to note that the Kingman subforum has the third highest post count, following Autococker (highest) and CCI (second highest). Also noteworthy, of the top three the Kingman subforum has the second highest replies per thread at over 12. The CCI subforum tops that category with almost 17.

    This to me simply points to the fact that Spyders and other Kingman products are very much alive and well. It's good to see that.

    Everybody's guilty pleasure!!,lol. I remember a time when people would scoff at a Spyder,however they seem to be one of the most popular platform for doing mods.


      I'm gonna be honest, I've never owned a spyder. I've owned spyder clones but never an actual spyder. I DID really want to get the last generation of LP Spyders, but I was pretty much out of the sport when they came out. I am glad that Spyder is still a thing though.
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        Considering mech is now the new hotness that makes this old hotness, vintage hotness....gettin hot in here .

        Velcor will save us...

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          To me, the spyder is like the Ford pinto. They were everywhere in their hay-day, and everybody either had one or knew someone who did.

          And yes, I was one of the "spyder haters" back in the early 2000's, but it was because I had a 98 Custom lol. Always seemed to be a rivalry.

          Though, most people who had them as kids, and are getting back into the sport, are realizing just how much they helped contribute to getting people into the sport.


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              It's good to see the spyder is finally beating tippmann in some way.


              • Myrkul


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                IMO spyders beat tippmanns in: weight, efficiency, ergonomics, consistency, price, trigger and ease of maintenance.... They do need to be upgraded a bit though.

              “IMO spyders beat tippmanns in: weight, efficiency, ergonomics, consistency, price, trigger and ease of maintenance.... They do need to be upgraded a bit though.”



                ha thats awesome.

                something to be said about the simplicity of it all.
                the basic spyder had something like 4 essential o-rings (valve body 2, hammer 1, and lpc )

                they broke down into an easily countable number of parts too...

                only 3 moving parts in the body... the trigger and sear accounted for 2 more.

                there was a time when MAXIMUM bps was all the rage. faster faster faster, and then it switched to efficiency (i think around the time when the amount of balls that could be carried on the field was limited) maybe thats just how i remember it. now it seem like reliability if the new thing. but i haven't been in the scene in awhile.


                  Everyone loves a Spyder... not all Spyders, but definitely one or two!

                  (it's not a cult I swear)


                    Yeah nothing wrong with a spyder I'm more being just contrarian. My first semi auto was a Compact 2000 and it was a death machine out of the box. The barrel shot crazy accurate for a stock .691" thing and it worked great. It wasn't until my brother and his friends got Tippmann 98's with J&J ceramic barrels that it was outclassed.

                    Oh to be 14 and shooting a blowback in the woods again...


                    • GanonsGrin
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                      I started with a BE Talon that was gifted to me used, then bought my first really marker at the local shop, which was a black Compact 2000 as well. It was a great marker, and it started a definite trend for me. They’re like mags for me, they multiply when you leave them alone.

                    While my first marker was a Trracer in 92, it wasn't till I started looking at semis and landed on a Spyder. While I've got quite a wall of markers, I've got quite an array of Spyders. I consider it where I really started. I shot them then, I shoot them now.
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                    • gabe
                      gabe commented
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                      That's the exact same path I took. Had a Trracer ex-rental from ebay then a Spyder compact 2k. It wasn't until I landed on the PGPOG and saw brass for the first time that things devolved down a brass based gun whoring path.