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VS3/VS2/RS/RSX Oring Chart

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    VS3/VS2/RS/RSX Oring Chart

    I bought a VS3, because I’m very curious about the balanced valve setup.
    The orings need replaced, as expected. I have the manual, but it doesn’t list Oring sizes, and some of them are too trashed to measure.
    I’m also concerned that some of them are metric, but I don’t know if Kingman dropped that habit in their later years.

    Know where I can find a list, so I can make sure I get the right ones from the Oring store?

    I asked about this a while back on Facebook and I was told 008 in the internal groove and 009 in the valve pin groove. Someone else also said 006 so I don't know.

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      That’s a good start. I’m also going to try to rebuild that combo ASA/regulator, so I’m looking for those sizes too.