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Spyder air line threading

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    Spyder air line threading

    I've got a Spyder gas through I'm using as a foregrip on a mag build. Since I'm not running air through it I want to get a plug for the bottom. Does anyone happen to know what size metric threading Spyder air lines are?

    Not sure on the thread size but it’s threaded with enough slop that you need that o ring on the fitting that threads into the bottom get it to seal. Maybe use the Spyder airline assembly that screws in but cut it off where the fitting goes into the airline, then drill and tap the thru-hole for a grub screw to plug it? The grip probably doesn’t have enough meat to just rethread it to 1/8” NPT, that would be too easy.


      i thought it was metric. being kingman, they did everything their own way.
      wouldnt be surprised if it was actually BST


        M10x1.25 is what I just measured. Knowing Kingman, they had more than one size.
        I can haz feedback?
        If I owe you feedback, just remind me, as I sometimes forget.


          i believe spyders use a "G" thread instead of NPT. it might be G1/8 or something like that. I could be wrong