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KT Chaser and Eraser Conversion

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    New update:
    After getting some VERY precise measurements, I realized orings are overkill. I have ordered .5 OD, .035 wall brass tubing. That makes my ID about .430, and the original bolt measures in at about .428... So it should be a press fit onto the bolt, and I will polish the OD of the brass and the ID of the bore to match. I have ordered a 400 grit Flex-hone for the bore.

    Next time, will our hero get everything to work???


      It's been a hot minute. I got everything working, short of actually putting a 12 gram in it and airing it up. I'm sort of stalled right now on getting a working mag set up. Yeah, I said I have all the files done, and I do- they work, but the little fiddly bits are troublesome. I'm working on sourcing some parts so that we don't have to tear apart stock mags to make 50 cal mags. I'll be approaching my friends over at the new to get the mag parts SLS printed in nylon, since they are thin and fragile. Then I have to find some pins and small springs to finish the job. Getting close to having the first 50 cal KT pistol, and FSR ready at that!


        Just made a deal for a NoS Chaser. Hoping to see this come alive!
        Fred aka ChoSanJuan
        Team: With Intent
        Paintball parts and 3D Printed items!
        My Feedback


          Still have mine sitting, and want to convert. I almost think making a new body would be easier though due to limitations in the material and choices Kingman made in the breach area


            It's been a rough couple months, tbh. I dropped all of my projects including this one.

            This project is on the list to finish up now that I'm interested in being creative again- I'm back on the hunt for getting the mag parts made. IC wants around $50 or $60 per mag (plus cross border shipping), and I'm probably going to need two or three made before I even dial in the printing tolerances for their machine. I may have to post the files to Shapeways so everyone can order them and assemble themselves. I would make them myself but increasing the size of the round makes for thin walls that FDM printing doesn't make well or strong. I am looking into resin printing them as well, but that will potentially make them more brittle.

            Re: Scougar- we should talk about this. We could print new uppers and sleeve them in brass. But at that point, we might as well make a new lower to handle a slightly larger mag. Full internals parts kits are certainly easier to find than mags though.