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Time to get this project rolling

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    I dug out all 4 slim strikers and 2 fatty strikers I have in my possession and they are all different. I’ll get pics in here soon but the 2 fatty strikers are off by a pretty wide margin. Seems like getting the right striker in your particular spyder could go a long way to achieving a magical trigger pull.

    pic of the fatties.

    Click image for larger version

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    Looking for Angel LED single finger trigger. Also splashy mag parts.


      Finally went and played paintball a couple weekends ago. It was nice. Got a bunch of eliminations with the Riotbuilt Gothic. It worked flawlessly with a 500 output Ninja tank, 400 psi from the Sidewinder into the gun. The marker got shot on my last game of the day and it took about two hours to clean the thing.

      More importantly, I got some air to fiddle around with all the builds here at the house. I kinda expected this to be easy-breezy plug and play low pressure, but the same tank and Sidewinder won't convince this build to recock.

      Started with the black lowest tension springs front and back. Tried a silver middle-tension spring in the front. Made sure the Tornado Valve is facing big hole to the front. The fatty striker is polished shiny but I haven't polished the inside of the body tubes. Is that going to be an important step?

      I put a few paintballs in the stack when I had both black springs installed to see if paint would help. Not sure what kind of velocity it had, but the ball exited just fine, still no recock. The Tornado Valve shouldn't receive much more than 400psi, right? As in, I don't want to go upping the inbound PSI to see what makes it recock?

      Looking for Angel LED single finger trigger. Also splashy mag parts.