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Mech trigger pull/ sear action

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Name:	09C24417-E789-4B5A-AA38-6170DD69B94D.jpeg
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ID:	97306 Heavy modifications have been implemented. Pre travel eliminated. Bottom of the trigger travels just under a half an inch. Happy enough with that.

    Looking for Angel LED single finger trigger. Also splashy mag parts.


      Oh, that's tape! I was wondering what happened to the finish!

      It's easy and it works. I do wonder how it will hold up during play though. In order to adjust pre-travel on my Spyders I drill into the top of my triggers, tap them, and add a small screw.
      FEEDBACK -


        Meh, I give it 50% to last through the night.

        new news on the option 2 gun (classic body, decking out w/ AKA)- got all the bits installed from AKA and was a little disappointed in the work that had to happen to make the parts fit. I had to grind down the retaining screw that hold the valve in place, still working on getting a pin to hold the bolt and hammer together, and the cage is going to take some real elbow grease to think about coming back out.

        I borrowed another AKA bolt until I get the new one sorted out and the good news is everything seems to function smoothly. Trigger pull is much shorter with this combination of parts. There is pre travel and post which can be eliminated and I think the end result is about a quarter inch single finger trigger pull.

        Looking for Angel LED single finger trigger. Also splashy mag parts.


        • scottieb


          Editing a comment
          I'm sad hearing the AKA parts are giving you trouble. AKA recently started making Spyder parts again and I think the QA isn't what it once was - and the prices have gone up.

          I am glad that you've got it up and going though. Give us some pics!

        • Sharkytrav


          Editing a comment
          As long as we see some nice low pressures come out of this, I’ll be happy. I said I was disappointed and that is true, but given the current situation over at AKA, I’m glad to be able to buy their stuff at all. Pics coming soon. Maybe today maybe tomorrow.