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Clone....Drone.... what's the difference?

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    Clone....Drone.... what's the difference?

    I'm thinking of getting one of them there fancy battery powered paintball shooty things.
    I had and Angel A1 that I sold in 2012 after using it once. Preferred mech / pumps. I could get an Axe but for some reason I want a MacDev.

    Looking around, there are not many for sale nor is there much info as to the differences between a Clone and a Drone. Nor the difference between a Dx Vx Drone 2 , 2s .
    I want to stay below $300 .

    Can someone school me on MacDev?

    I think the drone 2 has a gas through grip frame. The drone has a normal gas reg. My drone is super nice though.


      I wanna say the drone was essentially a cheaper version of the drone to a degree? Like the Etek to the Ego of its time? No OLED option for sure if I recall. And some other stuff like composite frame?

      I had a drone dx for a short while. It shot really well honestly. A teammate wanted to buy it from me, so needless to say, I sold it to em shortly after I acquired it, so I dont know a ton about em otherwise.


        That's what I was thinking ( Ego vs Etek).
        I bought a Drone 2 this morning off of the MacDev FB group.

        Let the games begin.


          Drone is a blow forward very similar to a dp g series, but with a larger shot chamber so lower pressure. I have had a couple and they are very nice and underrated shooters. Drone 2 is just the gas through version. A clone is a totally different operating system and much more complicated. They shoot very well and quiet, but have a lot of orings. They are more like a mix between a luxe and a dm with a valve that shuts off the air between shots to keep efficiency up.


            The Drone 2 needs a Low Pressure tank while Clones can handle full pressure. You'll be quite pleased with the Drone I think.


              Clone was a Droid that was easier to tear down, IIRC.