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Valken M17

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    Valken M17

    Has anyone used a Valken M17? Seems like an interesting shooter.

    I'm pretty sure JonM has one.
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      I have the Milsig version, but they’re the same marker. It’s not my favorite magfed setup, but it’s okay. Air efficiency isn’t the best and chopping can be an issue. Still, it’s a capable gun if it’s your style.
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        They used to be pretty popular up here in Ontario, mostly because the North American Distributors were local and would be at most of the big games. There was a bit of an uproar about Valken becoming the distributor, because they seem to ruin everything, but milsig is still owned and manufactured overseas by the same people, so I don't know.

        As far as performance goes, I couldn't really tell you. It's kind of like an automag functionally, and they used to boast about only 2 critical seals in the gun. I don't know how that can be true, since there is a regulator (which wasn't the greatest iirc).

        The mech full auto is cool, but there is absolutely no anti chop available for it. If you want something magfed with mech full auto, I'd recommend an MCS kit for a Tippmann and put a response trigger and Lok bolt on it or an automag mfg with RT and LVL 10 bolt. The m17's full auto is really just rt with a selector switch anyway.

        Not really the info you wanted, but hope this helps.

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          Thanks for the input, I will save my money and get an EMF-100 instead.


            That's a much better purchase, and I say that having owned both.

            The M17 is pretty large and heavy for what you get. The mags always worked well for me, full auto was neat. It was a huge gas hog, even after being broken in, but it did have great shot to shot consistency. I also didn't like that tank is stock was really the only option (unless you want remote), because you had to run a riser to put any optics on the gun and be able to look through them.

            EMF100 is a much better all around package unless you really want the F/A and the slightly more realistic look.


              Ive seen more than my fair share of these completely shit the bed and need a complete field disassembly just to get the jam out. I have video of my mate stripping his behind a bunker mid-game. That kind of failure is just a non-starter for me. Ive seen multiple generations of milsig do that too.

              With that said, I've also seen guys do really well with the tipx magwell. It seems to run much better with those mags, just from my casual observation.

              Its not a bad option for magfed, there's just BETTER options out there now. And yeah, definitely gram the EMF100 if thats your comparison.


                I have not used mine but the converted mags should give more feed consistency