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Stock Class Delta .68

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    Stock Class Delta .68

    So I got one of these in a package but it came with no magazine and I have no interest in using it as a semi. Has anyone ( Chaos ) ever made one of these to be stock class? I'd imagine the valve stem could just be filled with JB Weld or replaced with an Azodin one? The lever changer seems like it would be fast but I've heard bad things. Mine came with buna orings in the changer, so would urethane solve that?

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    It's basically just a Spyder pistol so blocking the valve port and modding the hammer is about all you'd have to do to get it running like a pump.
    The lever change is good but the piercing assembly is junk.... If you can get one from a Zeus and install it in place of the stock one it'll be quite a bit more reliable
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