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Piranha Detents?

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    Piranha Detents?

    What is everyone using for detents on their Piranhas? I got some Piranhas that came with some spare detents but they get rollouts. The larger clear detent type get rollouts about 25% of the time (very soft) while the smaller black detents get rollouts about 90% of the time. I took these to my local proshop and the clerk showed me Spyder detents that were even smaller than the black ones (also black).

    What else is there? I've bought new detents for older Spyders and Piranhas in the past that worked well (I believe they were red and more in the style of the pictured clear detent).

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    Ask and ye shall receive. These were originally intended for a few models of Intimidator that for some reason needed a longer-than-usual detent, but they've also proven popular with some of the other markers these fit (including the Piranha) that have to deal with small paint.

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      This is good to know, I was wondering why I was getting so many rollouts on my trracer S/A
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        Thanks Doc. I do really wish I knew what detents my local shop gave me in the past though.

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          Has anyone tried to drill and tap these for the cocker style spring loaded detents? Doesn’t seem like it would be too difficult. I think my Misfit uses them.


            Additionally the Gti’s and the Evos have dual detents and I’ve had pretty good luck with the blue ones not allowing roll out. That said I was using the cheapest field paint.