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M1 Viper - Trying to find some parts

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    I am still looking for parts



    • Jonnydread


      Editing a comment
      I am shocked that you're having such a struggle finding parts. I feel like while these were not exactly common guns, they were around a lot. There was one in my local Craigslist last year, I inquired about it, but I think he was asking a bit more than I wanted to spend so I decided not to buy. Good luck man.

    Yeah, go figure right?

    Oh well. Still looking

    All the best,



      Are you still looking for a barrel? Did you see this?
      Another one from my private stash. Brand New - first time out of sealed plastic in 25 years. Viper-M1 9" Twistlock Barrel with integrated grip. All original and comlete with wire detent. I know that there are not a ton of Vipers in the wild, but this is one one of those things that is never available. Perfect for anyone

      I was going to buy it, but I already have that one, so if you still need it this is probably one of the few chances to get one.

      I've been looking for parts too, but I doubt there is anyone parting out Vipers/Vectors besides Bacci. I'm curious, what prevented Illustrator and Raptor hammers from working? If you ever give up on it, I'd be interested in buying a parts gun.


        I feel the struggle for finding parts. I have my viper up for sale, cause I just can’t deal with the stock and couldn’t find the rear cap/plug to allow removing the stock. Also not a big fan of powerfeeds, but I always wanted to get one and try it out after seeing one of Tigers vids talking about the one he had.