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JT e-icon

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    JT e-icon

    Is the JT e-icon a derivative of another marker? Shares parts with???

    Asking because I picked one up and there is not much out there as far as info. Looks like it's a derivative of the E-kast and/or outkast.

    I know its A5 threaded so that is good. It appears to come with an oem A5 barrel our of the gate. Which makes me wonder if A5 guts fit. I dunno - figured ide ask.

    Edit ignore me I’m thinking of a much older gun


      Originally posted by Chappy View Post
      Edit ignore me I’m thinking of a much older gun
      No big deal. Appreciate the thought.


        Looking at the breakdown I’m guessing it’s mostly 98 compatible


        • ghilliesuit
          ghilliesuit commented
          Editing a comment
          Mmk. I've never owned a m98 personally so I dont have any reference. But given JT and Tippmann being co-owned at the time of its production that would make sense