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Montneel Designs Z-1

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    I am still hunting for a cup seal fix but so far nothing is working, I am not giving up though. Any headway Doc investigating these ?


      I talked to Busty, he wasn't exactly sure of the size since they were installed during the manufacturing process. I pulled out the parts box and measured the o-rings I have against the cup seals I have and it looks the it should be an 011 90D urethane o-ring. If you were to try to replace an existing o-ring, you would have to flare the brass out before installing the new one. Back in the day, there was a home made fixture in the shop that was used to form the brass back around the o-ring, which would be a necessary step. Only used it for the occasional piece that arrived uncrimped. Another possible option would be to use a cup seal for a .68 Special. MontNeel got its start making better cup seals for the .68 Special, and Busty seems to remember that they would work. That was before my time, so I can't say either way.


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        can you post all the o-ring sizes that you have in the parts box .. mine zs have been sitting too long and need to replace them all, also do you know which one will go where .. thanks

      Just found this site that carries O-rings for Paintball guns ... Just have to find the right one to choose from ... any ideas ????


      • Chappy


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        Go back to post #8 I posted from the parts list

      Originally posted by Chappy View Post
      Found the old parts list.

      Valve body - 013 90 duro
      valve tube oring - 010 90 duro
      hammer - 012 70 duro

      there is no listing for the cup seal orings. As near as I can tell they were only sold as a unit.
      There is another listed in the oring kit. It is 011 70 duro. I do not believe this is the cup seal size, however. My guess is that is a hammer oring for earlier models.