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N3 or n1?

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    N3 or n1?

    Now that they have been out a while. How did you make your choice and are you happy with it?
    Originally posted by MAr "... Nish deleted it..."

    Originally posted by Axel "coffee-fueled, beer-cooled."
    Originally posted by Carp "Nish's two brain cells"
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    When my N1 was working well I loved it, unfortunately I'm still have a ball clipping issue that makes it unusable. I still need to schedule time with Supernova to see if they can help me tech it out.
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    • jokers


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      Try using some oil on your barrel orings. I was having an issue with the N3 and I used some oil on those orings and it worked right away.

    • Jonnydread


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      jokers I have tried numerous fixes (including yours) and each time I think we've found the "main" issue the same problem keeps happening. Ball is in my court, I just need to put some time aside to troubleshoot with the manufacturer.

    I really like my N3 so far. I think it's really just the upgraded version of the N1. I've put 2 cases through it and played in the rain with no issues.
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      I have both. I prefer the n-1. I like the the way the shot feels better than the n-3. (Your Inception Designs and Shocktech Dealer)
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        I have the N1 and N3 and I like my N3 for speedball, and scenario woodsball where i have to shoot a lot of paint. The N1 is great for recball and I have no issue with loaning it out to a friend or two.
        The pluses of the N3.
        It is very compact
        With the bumper removed it has an extremely fast trigger and can be walked,
        It does not short stroke like an Autococker. One of my friends likes to find faults in equipment (try and mess things up / break stuff) and he could not short stroke it.
        Once it is tuned it, it goes great, mine has been working for 4 months with minimal maintenance.
        The minuses of the N3
        If something is not right it throws a temper tantrum
        There was some heavy grease on the barrel and because of that the barrel was not cycling right and it caused the 2nd ball and above to shoot out of the feedneck at a very high velocity.
        I had an issue with mine that the "macro" line was not cut flush and it caused a leak fool with the line and it was temp fixed. NovaPB fixed it and I have not had that issue since.

        I like the N3 and it is one that i will take with me whenever i play.

        The pluses of the N1
        It feels slightly simpler and a feels more robust
        I think it is quieter.

        The minuses of the N1
        It is larger and heavier
        It does not shoot as fast

        I have not had any issues with mine but I will make sure and clean them as soon as i am done playing as well as test them the day before to make sure they are ready.
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          Thank you all. Went to the factory and picked one out. Ended up picking it an N1 with the upgraded trigger.
          Originally posted by MAr "... Nish deleted it..."

          Originally posted by Axel "coffee-fueled, beer-cooled."
          Originally posted by Carp "Nish's two brain cells"
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