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Blazer Barrel Diameter Markings

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    Blazer Barrel Diameter Markings

    Can anyone tell me how the barrel diameters are marked on Blazer barrels? I know they use one, two, or zero rings to indicate the diameter, but I can't remember which is which... 🤔

    I just received a brand new blazer from Palmer’s and had ordered a 0.685 barrel bore. My new barrel is marked with two rings. If I remember right a barrel with no rings on it is a 0.690, two rings is 0.685, and a three ring barrel is a 0.680.


      Thanks, Mjlynnjr.

      Just for posterity, Palmer's confirmed that it's:

      .680 = 1 ring (or 3 rings!)
      .685 = 2 rings
      .690 = 0 rings

      Bonus tech tip: if your detents are loose, you can use a small amount of blue Loctite or clear 5-minute epoxy on the threads.


        .680 = 3 rings, .685 = 2 rings , .690 = no rings
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