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You guys remember the PPS grinder?

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    You guys remember the PPS grinder?

    Now I'm to young and new to the sport to have even seen the videos and pictures of this thing when it was first built, but it's cool as hell! Whatever happened to it? The only reason I know about it now is from it's the opposite of practical but still, it's awesome
    here's a video of it I found, for some reason there's a normal blazer at the beginning:


    I think there were two grinders made. The original was for Palmers and the second was commissioned by RamboPreacher. That was back early 2000s. I think when he retired from PB, most of his guns went to his daughter and son-in-law. I remember them popping up for sale years ago but never saw the Grinder resurface.


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      I had no idea there was two of them, I remember reading somewhere that palmers would build you one for $3000.

    • netsurferdude2


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      RP had an addiction for all things expensive at Palmers. He had a gold plated stroker, a Classic finish Over Under Nasty Typhoon (the COUNT), O/U Nasty Hurricane, many other nasties, the squallicane and the Grinder.
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