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Brass freak inserts

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    Brass freak inserts

    Does Palmer still make brass freak inserts? Or is anyone selling a set?

    Following, I thought that tymcneer was the only one making brass inserts and last I seen he wasn't doing them
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      They don't make them anymore and neither does tymcneer =( I am in a similar boat


        Id buy a few too if available.


          Making some .670 is pretty straight forward.
          you can buy the tube to ID size.


            Are you seeing sub .675 paint?


            • OpusX


              Editing a comment
              I have gotten a random roll out with a 675 on the recent HK field paint.

            I have gotten super small paint before but it’s not super common (GI Covid field paint Special) I have had paint roll out of reball inserts before.

            .680 .682 is my most commonly used insert for markers I have to worry about rollouts on.

            The brass ones TY made came in .5 increments. They are more true to size and more durable, then aluminum ones manufactured overseas. I have a full set of them they are really nice.

            The stainless kits are nice but the kit was produced when paint sizes were larger so most of that expensive kit you will never use.

            For what it’s worth the aluminum ones work fine you just need to get a good case for them because they can bend easy otherwise. The stainless and brass ones are harder to bend that’s about the only difference.


              I have a set of PPS brass inserts and my favorite feature is the inserts have built in wedgits so you can use pretty much any insert you want and still have it be, at the very least, functional.
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                The palmers inserts have widgets? Cool!

                I didn’t know Palmer ever even made them. I thought TY was the only one that made them.


                  Palmers made some brass inserts with or without wedgits. Not as popular as tycmeer brass monkey brand.
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