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Line SI Bushmaster

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    Line SI Bushmaster

    Does anyone know the size of the following Bushmaster screws?

    Pump arm (to pump handle) (item 10)
    Sight Rail (no item number)


    Also, does anyone have a picture of the velocity adjusting tool (item 14C)

    Thank-you in advance.
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    Paintball Marker Animations
    CO2 Pressure versus Temperature

    Paintball Tank Hydro-test requirements

    I think the sight rail screws are 6-32 but I don't know the height.

    My velocity adjustment tool is just a long allen wrench. I will have to measure it to get the size.


    • Ironnerd


      Editing a comment
      Thanks for the screw info. I had to trim them, but I did not measure the length (maybe on day).
      The velocity adjusting tool is a 1/4" allen wrench. My home-brew adjuster won't work, but I should be able to get hex rod fairly cheap somewhere like


    This marker is kind of a paintball incarnation of "Rid hard and put up wet".
    Tired Bushmaster

    The Marker was in okay shape, but needed some TLC. And it had clearly been USED (the anodization under the pump handle is pretty well worn off and nearly every screw was loose), but does not appear to have been abused.

    Worn Anno

    The saddest bit was the garage sale "$5" sticker, and the hand scribbled note "Make Offer". At least they didn't just toss it in the garbage.
    Sad Sticker

    The first thing I did was break it down clean it. There was paint goop in every nook and cranny. After a bit of scrubbing and a light coat of silicone lubricant the marker was looking a bit better. During break-down, I found that it had a 6-32 power tube and an 8-32 cup seal, and that the valve spring had come from some other marker and had been cut to fit. It was also missing one of the screws that attaches the pump arm to the pump handle, and the sight rail was being held on by a single PHILLIPS screw (something that simply does NOT belong on any paintball marker). I noted all of this and aired it up with a 12g and it almost worked; no leaks but it would not cock. After a bit of fiddling I realized that the pump screws were too tight and were interfering with the hammer.

    It shot! I got all of 12 balls out of a 12g (ugh) but no roll-outs (which I thought was interesting). The next day, I decided to try again, only to have a problem with the sear failing to latch onto the bolt. About a half hour of filing fixed it (at least for now). After a few shots, the valve started leaking, so I put it away for the remainder of my vacation.

    Today, I ran by the local hardware store and grabbed some 6-32 screws, which I trimmed to length for the sight rail and pump handle (I found some more paint under the rail). I also found a 6-32 cup seal in my stash (along with some Nelson springs). I also replaced the Lonestar grip with an M-16 grip (I have always preferred M-16 grips). Then I found an add-on muzzle break, and added it just for fun.

    Somewhat better

    I will say that this is a pretty nice nelson. It has the smoothest pump stroke I have ever encountered. The bore is 0.685", which is fairly tight, but it may still go to Doc's to get threaded for a 'Cocker barrel.

    I'll get it tested out once I get my 7 oz filled.

    Sorry for the crappy pics, it's a gross, rainy day. When I have some nicer pics, I'll post them to the official picture thread. [POSTED HERE]

    I took it out on the back porch today after work and aired it up. IT LEAKED - down the barrel, which I expected with a brand new cup seal.

    It shot nicely! Smooth pump, crisp trigger, no rollouts (which I was having with the ER2S with my smallest Freak insert - 0.695") I took several shots with and without the goofy add-on muzzle break, and the darn thing actually works; balls did fly straighter with it. That's a nice bonus since it was already pretty accurate without the break. The break also made the marker a tiny bit quieter.

    I have to work a bit with the springs as I think it is shooting slow, but I'll get that sorted out soon enough.
    Last edited by Ironnerd; 06-21-2021, 07:37 PM. Reason: Ran some tests and did some shooting with it.
    Ironnerd's Feedback

    Home Field: Arkenstone, Acworth, GA

    Paintball Marker Animations
    CO2 Pressure versus Temperature

    Paintball Tank Hydro-test requirements