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Grey Ghost Barrels

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    Grey Ghost Barrels

    I have 2006 Grey Ghost and was wondering if by any chance anyone knows what barrels will fit in the pump handle? The stock barrel bore is really big compared to the size of the paint today.

    I run a 2006 ghost with a full assortment of lapco bigshots. Probably makes sense though since they come from the same place.
    "but we all have electros and you guys only have pumps, this wont be fair"

    (chuckling quietly) "we know"

    My collection:


      I believe the '06 ghosts had a sort of retaining nubbin to stop rollouts so if that's your concern it shouldn't be a big issue. If you still would rather replace the barrel you could try to find an older Spyder-threaded Freak back without the jewel or something like a .679 Bigshot
      💀Wild Card, Ragnastock💀


        Pretty sure a TechT IFit kit would work. Just pushes the barrel out by 2 inches, inserts pop right in.


          Retaining nubbin for the win on the lapco i would use the stock barrel


            I run soft spyder detents in mine. They work great. I've got the stock barrel freak bored on my SC Ghost but I just use the nubbins on my OC one. Even a bit overbored it'll get about 36 - 38 per 12 gram (used for testing) with solid accuracy. Of course a better paint to bore match gives more shots.