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DIY 10 round feed for 50 round hopper

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    DIY 10 round feed for 50 round hopper

    Sure, you can buy a lid for $20 + shipping that is nicer and cleaner. But if you have the things laying around, do it for free!

    I saw someone else do this using a step bit to cut the hole in the hopper lid, then they glued a length of heat shrink tubing on the under side to act as a retainer.

    I used a 7/8" chisel bit, perfect size, and I could have done it cleaner and more centered, but it works! I used a soft o-ring and aligned it about halfway in the hole, then just JB Welded it to the inside of the lid. So far so good!

    It ain't the prettiest, but it works and cost nothin'.

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    Originally posted by SignOfZeta;
    Us beardos with wallets need to occasionally make our voices heard.

    Not sure if it's just me but, if there are pics I can't see them.
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    • Mr. Hick

      Mr. Hick

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      No pictars here either.

    • iamthelazerviking
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      No pics. Buuut I guess I will add some now!

    • XEMON


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      Thanks, I see them now 😁

    That's clever! I'd personally do two o rings but only a third of the way into the hole each. More "finger" esque to me.


      That o-ring idea is brilliant.


        What an old yankee way to do it. I like it man.