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New redux

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    New redux

    Are these still for sale?
    site is up but never get an email response.

    If not, does anyone have one they wanna sell?

    My understanding is that they are not being produced.

    I have one, it is totally sweet. If you are feeling remarkably wealthy let me know, I am not trying to sell it.
    Need Inception Designs or Shocktech Products? Let me know!

    MCB Feedback

    old PBN feedback


      Actually asking for a friend who has been drooling over mine.
      got a ballpark price in mind I can float to him?


      • Hellion360


        Editing a comment
        I'll consider it and let you know. VKC duck actually, the newer version. But you said new so I figure that is what you are after. Have a Woosh barrel for it too.

      Having spoken to Mongo last year, he was going to do a run of new VKC’s. I’m not sure where that project is at as COVID kicked off shortly after my conversations with him. I can say though that I purchased a phantom duckslide from him and had no issues.

      He is having some health issues at this point so that might have also gotten in the way; specifically with his eyesight I believe. The rate that he was going to charge for a new one was around $1400 I believe..or maybe it was $1600? It’s been a while since I spoke with him; nice guy though. He has a bad rap on here but my experience with him was positive


        I think I met him at SPEW. He was super cool in person. Lol


          I own # 13 1st run I think.


            Originally posted by Ego10Baller View Post
            He has a bad rap on here but my experience with him was positive
            I’m out of the loop, why does he have a bad rap here? I’d definitely be interested in one of these, if I get wind of a new run in time lol.


              i have number #24


                Hi to everyone!
                I still looking to place an order for two VKC REDUX from Mongo, but still very hard to be in contact with himself….

                Is some of you may help me on that mission ?

                Thanks in advance
                best regards


                  All- with Covid, a tripple bypass uurgery and lack of clear vision AND the shop having too much US Govt work, I can't get in there to work, and haven't been working. I DO have some Duckslides coming soon!! Steve