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Keeping things together.

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    Keeping things together.

    Hey guys. I was hoping to get some insights from mcb on the topic.

    I bought a RTP viper from an oldtime member of Damage Inc, and I used it for the first time last weekend.

    I used this gun exclusively ata big game. And put roughly 1300 rounds down range in the day.

    i noticed an issue, I want to address, but Im not exactly sure how.

    With use the gun seems to work itself apart, and Id like to prevent that from happening.

    Most importantly, the brass thumb screw that threads into the bolt works it self loose with use.

    As it gets worse the bolt is able to rotate when cocked, and occasionally catched the groves in the top tube making it impossible to pump until I rotate the bolt, and re tighten the screw. It happened about 10 times on Sunday.

    Id simply add loctite, but it looks to be a delrin bolt, and brass, so not sure if loctite would even help, or just further break the delrin down. Any advice on something to gum up the delrin threads to cause more bolt drag? The end goal is simply to prevent it from working itself apart.

    Further more. The rva screw does the same thing. I know I can simply add some loctite to this to help, but I almost lost my rva screw a few times as it backs itself outover time. This also screws my velocity causing me to have to re chrono repeatedly.

    Also, it may have been paint, but my viper shoots a max of 270fps and if I dial the rav in any further it cant latch the sear. In the other hand, its pump stroke is stupid smooth as a result of its current springing, so Im not sure if re springing is my best bet. But any recommendations on using hpa with my viper? Should I pull a shim out of the reg to get a little more output pressure? (currently800 psi) Or would valve work and or springing be the better option?

    Before I attempt to get into the valve, is it pretty much like a sheridan, or will I need different tools to get it out of the tube?

    I want to change as little as possible on this shooter, yet make it more usable, so any input is appreciated.

    Go to the hardware store and grab a tube of the RTV Silicon sometimes called "make-a-gasket". Use that on any screws that like to jiggle themselves loose.

    For the RVA, you can pick up a shorter RVA stud and grab a nylon stud the same size. Set your velocity and screw the nylon stud in after and that will keep it from backing out.