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    Sat in the 30 degree sun yesterday and scrubbed the stock with 80 grit, then 220 grit. Getting to the point I really need my kp back cap to set the shooter and decide on my lever plate.


    • WALZ


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      Nice fit on the lever...
      You rock my man...



      So, Ive let my steam engine cool off on this as I needed a kp back cap. I wanted to get that on, and get the marker mounted in the wood before I started hogging material for the lever plate and eventually ruining the stock. Well. Yesterday, I went to my friend Boomers house. I helped him work a few hours for his landscaping business ( he afterwards over paid me) then we sat and wrenched on a couple of strokers I have. I permanently loaned him one, and took the other home.

      Long story short, he gave me a kp back cap for this build!!!

      Im super busy the rest of the weekend with Moms day and such, but Ill be able to make some progress on this soon.


        How is your build coming along?


        • BrickHaus


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          Been too damn dormant with the busy summer. Ill get going on it again qsap.

        I totally understand! Looks like a good Winter project to me.


          Mid day update. I have the house to myself today so ai am trying to gain some progress on this beast.

          I took an 80 grit belt from my belt sander and went to town on the grip area i also poked the mounting hole,, and happened to find bolt that will work to mount it.

          I have some honeydos to take care of, but I hope to get much further on this today. Im still scared to attempt to blow the hole in the stock for the lever.
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            Shes lookin goood
            Velcor will save us...

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              Looks great. That cutout for the mask is perfect
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                Heres where I got today. Went over the whole stock with 220 grit to start making stuff look nice. Drilled the air transfer port to 13/64, as I was too timid to hit 1/4" Got the valve installed. Stole the hammer spring from my kp3, tapped the back cap for 6/32 screws. Found a 1/8 dowel got the trigger installed. Stacked a bolt in the lower tube with a 12 ie to get the height right on the 12ie. Aired it up!!!! She holds air!!!! Dry fired a few. Shaped the stock some more. Started the implementation of the lever action...


                  I also had a great idea. I wanted to mount 2x RTR Quads to the stock so I could have 4x 12ies in a row for faster reloads, and a cool look, but they only had one in stock. Needless to say, Ill have one at least.. anyone have a quad collecting dust, shoot me a pm. ;-)

                  Also found this reg piston from what? I don't know. But it makes a killer pump handle until I figure the rest out. Lol


                    Its a small bit of progress, but Im chipping away.

                    Last night I pieced together an aluminum standoff, tpx seal, and a tv wall mount stand off to make a co2 spacer a bit more permanent. Now if I could just get the busted tap out of my fast change... The threads on the lower tube are kind of tough to drive through, and want to cross thread if not careful. I have to be very careful to get the cap on properly. I assume the falling from grace that allowed me this opportunity is at fault, but if I could set and forget a fast change. Problem solved.

                    I also worked the lever a bit with a dremel. Man thats thirsty work. but its getting there. I would have done more but my wife complained about 45 minutes of grinding as is.

                    Lastly. I picked my drill press up from my buddies garage. I plan to poke the hole in the lever, and bushing carrier with that beast when I get a chance. I also gotta figure the rest out.

                    I think Im going to keep the lever simple. The lever will have a set screw in it so it is affixed to the shaft. The shaft will run through and aluminum carrier that allows me to mount the lever. To avoid weakening the stock by carving out along side the body to keep the lever hidden, Im going to take a different approach than the norm. Ill poke a small hole in the stock for the dowel to poke out through. Then the pump arm will set screw mount to the shaft being mechanically affixed with the lever handle.

                    I have been on the hunt for a cool brass or aluminum piece that looks like a manual hammer on an old shot gun. That or I may make some funny z linkage. The aluminum plates were an early idea, but the length isn't quite proper.

                    My initial idea was a set of gears up the side of the stock transferring energy, but getting that right would be potentially above my pay grade.
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                    • JeepDVLZ45


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                      Do it!! I'm excited to see this. I wish I could work on mine, its KILLING me! It just makes too much of a mess when I'm this close to selling my house

                    The fact you are making this thing functional is a true testament to the tenacity of MCB! Praise Velcor that your efforts continue to be fruitful!
                    Velcor will save us...

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                      Fantastic job! Keep going!


                        Put the lever on more of a diet today. Its slow going with a dremel, files, and sand paper. Its down to fine sanding and shaping as far as the handle part goes. Still havent taken the plunge in poking the hole in and the plate. After taking more measurements, I am perplexed on how to get the lever mount secure.

                        This is all I got today.


                          Ok. One more update. The other night, I realized that the 2k pgp feed cap is hqlf 9f a pps fast feed, so I sacraficed my mink 2kpgp and swapped knobs. The busted tap is in the pgp now, qnd I had qnother chance to poke at it.

                          For some stupid reason I popped a 10-32 hole instead of an 8 32 so my stand off I fashioned together was no longer usable. I made a new with 10-32 stand offs but we only have shorties at work, so I had to stack 3 of them.

                          it is the right length and is holding air.

                          Kicker is, the tube us so bent it pinchesthe fast feed down, and I had to force a 12ie into it. I noticed the jam, and tried all of my 12ies. Some are worse than others, but all snagged... i removed the collar and found one that bareltly snagged on the collar itself. Got the collar on the body and it was too tight to go in. I can hanmer it past, but if you haven't already guessed, that means I gotta pull the fast feed collar to get my 12ie out. So Ill have to figure that out..that sounds like a tomorrow thing. I'm calling it a day.