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Standard Orings for a Zeus?

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    Standard Orings for a Zeus?

    I'm trying to rebuild a Zeus and according to the manual the lower tube orings are 14x1.78mm instead of regular 015s. I tried putting some 015 90D in and it was very tight and they got cut on insertion. Would a 70D 015 work since it has more give? Or a 014?

    I find it odd that these use metric orings considering the majority of STBBs use 015s for the lower tube and they are probably made in the same factory. There's also enough of these still kicking around and I doubt people are sourcing metric orings to use these.

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    I've always used 015 's and I've cut few while doing it, lightly lubing the o rings on the valve assembly may also help. I've also used tank o rings for the valve as they are a bit sturdier then buna -N-. maybe you could set the valve retaining screw so it's flush with hole and stop the o ring from dropping in the hole and getting clipped and cut while inserting the valve assembly. these have always been finicky with cut o rings during re- assembly and you have to find a method that works for you.

    Actually not surprised that these are metric in the manual, most of these where made overseas.


      Ok so apparently 14x1.78mm is nominally identical to 015 according to the size chart I looked at. I tried twice with 70D 015s and they insert better but both times the sealing oring on the valve got nicked - the orings on the 12g seal were fine. I don't know if this was just improperly deburred or what but I don't care to fiddle with this.