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    Originally posted by Jordan View Post
    Did you establish a baseline by trying the gun out with the stock board first?

    I have a feeling there may be a setting that is being overlooked... it's possible there is a mechanical issue, so verifying it works in stock form may be a good start.
    I did shoot it a few times, though not very quickly with paint. It didn't sound so strange when I shot it before as it does now, but the marker was taken apart several times since then too. It almost sounds like it is burping like a pump rather than whispering chuffs of death like it should. That doesn't explain it very well, I will just link a video so you can hear it yourself.

    Also ignore the leak, it is the bolt manifold gasket, I fixed it but it still has the same shootdown, it was much more consistent on better paint, but the faster you shoot the slower the velocity for sure.


      First thoughts - ditch the remote. From what I can see of the reg gauge, it's dropping off badly when you try to shoot it fast and causing the blooper shots.
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      • Euphie
        Euphie commented
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        I did use it without the remote a bit and it had no change, but I wouldn't expect it to, I use a remote on all of my guns if there were some sort of constriction in the remote and stock I probably would have seen it on my other guns.

      • Jordan


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        I would be focusing on air supply, the reg doesn't appear to be able to keep up. When was the reg serviced?

        Shockers use a TON of air, too... I've never had much luck running mine off a remote.
        Last edited by Jordan; 08-24-2021, 07:39 PM.

      I agree, I think it's starving for air. Can I get a side pic? I'd like to see what kind of elbows you're using for your airline. I'm willing to bet one of your regulators need rebuilt, but I have had some supply choking issues before with certain airline 90s.