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Leaky SP1

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  • Cdn_Cuda
    I have a spare noid in the bits and pieces. Just don’t know if the noid is serviceable or not. Rather get the one I have working.
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  • BrickHaus
    Sounds like solenoid or fitting if its leaking at the board.

    Can you air it up with the frame off and wiggle hoses? Pitch of the peak change when you mess with the tubing?

    Also, put a nice fresh battery in, a fresh air tank, air it up, shut the eyes off and try to shoot a bunch. It may reset the noid, but im not sure it thatll really get ya somewhere.

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  • Cdn_Cuda
    started a topic Leaky SP1

    Leaky SP1

    Just picked up a done out SP1 with a TechT L7 bolt and blackheart board. Trying to get it up and running but it’s leaking from the board area. I’ve grease the seals and tighten the bolts but still leaks.

    looks to be the solenoid:

    Click image for larger version

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