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Anyone tried a different valve in an eNMEy? Or a two finger trigger mod?

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    Anyone tried a different valve in an eNMEy? Or a two finger trigger mod?

    Just curious if anyone has tried putting an aftermarket valve in an eNMEy. With so many EMEK owners upgrading their valves, I imagine that there are plenty of stock PE valves gathering dust whose owners might be easily persuaded to part with them. I wonder if that would improve the performance of the eNMEy. In conjunction with that, I also wonder if an old Vibe or eXTCy grip frame might be a convenient way of housing the valve, with the added bonus of a double finger trigger.

    Anyone try something along these lines yet?

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    Nothing drop in but what they use in mech ions should be pretty easy to adapt. The hardest part would probably be how the trigger interacts with the valve.

    No clue how those mech ion valves compare to stock GOG.

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      Build a mech ion from scratch. Find a cheap ion. You need a t barb, qev, the tubing I sent ya, a smav 3. And a mount. I can send ya a 3d printed mount for cost of shipping.

      Than bam, you have a better trogger pull in a double triggered equivelant.


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        Maybe I'll try that one day. Got a Trilogy coming in the mail (hopefully today) from Cdn_Cuda which I expect will satisfy the tinkering itch for a little while.

      Emeks and Ions/Enmeys work very differently, and share almost no compatible parts.

      Mech-converted Ions are better, in my opinion, than an Emek, in many ways.
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        OK, necro the thread and stuff...

        So I prepped for ICPL this year with getting my eNMEy up to snuff. My marker has been quacking/Peter Griffin-ing for months and I couldn't figure out why. After a LOT of research, the reg that it comes with (apparently) does this over time. I'm not having it. Before I knew that it was the reg, I changed everything back to stock and it still did it. Since that was the case, it could have only been a few things that would be the cause.
        1. The reg
        2. The passages in the firing can
        This is all after it was sent in for servicing at GoG. Knowing that ICPL was coming up, I opted to get the HE valve and had my fingers crossed that it could have been the plumbing. Nope. Quack quack! 1 week before the event, I got the idea to swap to an extra Ion reg that I had laying around. It was the stock reg. Ion reg kept me in 295fps +/-2 all weekend!

        So what's my point? The thing was shooting ball on ball ropes and never let me down with all our games! I'd go with the HE valve and never look back. I never had to bust out my backup 99STO Autococker. While the HE valve isn't a DW hAir or the new PE version, it's pretty damn close! I would also either do the trigger job mods or get an adjustable trigger.

        (I too agree with building a Mech Ion. Both the Ion and eNMEy are my daily drivers and only bust out my Mini GS if I "need" to do any electro games.)
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