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Cocker to Sterling barrel adapter

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  • Hellion360
    I'm interested

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  • Jonnydread
    I don't even own a Sterling anymore, but I'd be interested in grabbing one just in case.

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  • Schmitti
    started a topic Cocker to Sterling barrel adapter

    Cocker to Sterling barrel adapter

    If I can get someone to make them, would people be interested in barrel adapters to use cocker barrels on your sterlings (sterling threaded long shank barrels)?

    Minimum order of 100 needed either all as .685 or a 50/50 split of .685 and .680. if there is desire for a third bore size we would need fifty more.

    Cost could be up in the $35-40, but will hopefully be less.

    I'm not making money on this, for now I'm just trying to see if we can get the minimum order and then we can go from there.

    I've posted on the Sterling OG on FB.