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Sterling spring combo

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    Sterling spring combo

    I ordered some springs from Lee Spring for my STP. This combo is working for me for CO2. I saw velocities of 220-300+ fps with the adjuster.

    valve: LC 035E 10 S
    hammer: LC 038E 14 S
    ​​​​​​I wasn't able to get good velocities on HPA. Had a few shots at 275, but it was mostly more around 240-250 fps with the adjuster all the way out. Even tried a stronger hammer spring, but was getting about the same result. My tank output is only around 700 psi, so you might have better luck with a higher output tank.

    Click image for larger version

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    Hellion360 could use this info. I know it's has been a project for him as well.

    I personally tried every spring combo I could get my hands on and couldn't come up with anything that worked. It is exciting you are getting close!


      I have found some that "worked" but not to my satisfaction.
      Maybe I'll get some of these.
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        Where is a good place to send springs in to get replicated? I have a set in my STP that works well for 12g. Never tried HPA with it tho. I’m sure the springs will work fine with an input pressure of 800-825psi if they work with 12g.


        • shooter311


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          I believe I have one new spare set of springs from the factory. If I found a place that could replicate these I would happily send them to them. I'd be super bummed though if I didn't get them back!

        • Chuck E Ducky

          Chuck E Ducky

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          That would save me down time. But I got enough shooters to use if need be.

        So I didn't think about it until now, but I have a buddy who is a very accomplished engineer, so I just wrote him asking if he would know how to duplicate it. He said he has worked with several spring vendors and has matched springs before. I'm going to send him all the dimensions he asked for when I get home and he is going to see what get can do to duplicate them.


          I will take a few sets that would be great.


            The cool thing about springs is that 90% of them are music wire, or 17-7. Simply measuring them carefully (wire diameter, OD, length, and number of coils) is enough info to "match" them to reasonable accuracy.

            That said - century spring is another shop to check for options. I came here hoping for good combos for an old Bronze, but might be measuring my own.
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              Ordered three of each. Ended up springing for the 316SS it was a $1 more had the same spec as the ones posted above. Lee Spring’s website is a nightmare to navigate super slow. There is a $20 handling charge and you get hit with shipping if you spend under $40. That’s why I purchased 3x spring sets free shipping and no $20 fee.

              I will post my results when I get them. They are only 45 min south of me so hopefully I get them quick. Not going to have them by the weekend unfortunately.

              Lee spring is pricy but if they get me in the 280fps range on 12g I will be stoked!