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The Official Sterling Picture Thread

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    The Official Sterling Picture Thread

    The official picture thread for Sterling markers.

    Sov and Sterling.


      Two of my Sterlings


        Click image for larger version

Name:	UzQbS2Gh.jpg
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        My Feedback Thread
        3D Printed Marker Upgrades


          I got this Sterling to have an open class pump.
          Basically, i wanted a pump i can just throw a hopper and a tank on and be good to go ... This is what i made ...
          Click image for larger version

Name:	Sterling - with wood stock andd 10rd spring feed.jpg
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          I think I have a little problem ...
          Love my brass ... Love my SSR ... Hard choices ...

          Sheridan rebuild kit
          Air Power Vector Screw Kit
          ATS Screw Kit

          Keep your ATS going: Project rATS 2.0
          My Feedback


            I owned this pair in the previous millennium, and sold them to "upgrade" to a phantom (I've been happy with the phantom, but I still think I should have kept one of these). It's MCB, so maybe someone owns them now. They were my introduction to pump, and I still have friends who remember being shot out by them. For some reason I never got friendly with the sniper/cocker platform for pump (fine in semi), but the sterling w/ a 20oz was muscle memory for me.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	twin-sterlings.jpg
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              Originally posted by XEMON View Post

              I think I have a little problem ...

              me too :-D

              Click image for larger version

Name:	--wpA76a5cli4KVVN3JXRPgUwooWRtZHX2mXiE4TIHJ3RExy4w6rU29mcLviYger3N2DZHDb_-m7Ii2PIastLwUQ-884FrRtGURVX0t_xDo5MnI7z1fc7Bw3LguvFZLgktx1sz3XMFVsJ1hYuM_axYGeRSa_ANdpIcELXDNazDRXDlgsQ_8rivsgCOwdofuCO1dLtL-Fw_rAywI4ARpYD6UayG5lByN3QJb_pzwSrg3I-4eM8Yn5nnfRa_lcX9e
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              it was long time ago but still makes me smile ;-)


                Don't have any closeups. This was my Sterling that I sold to someone on here 6 years ago. Pic is from living legends in 2014

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                  Originally posted by GoalieGuy42 View Post
                  Two of my Sterlings
                  How does that cancer gun shoot nowadays?