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T8 vs 8.1 Barrel Diameter

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    T8 vs 8.1 Barrel Diameter

    A while back I bought a used T8 and a used T9. The 8 functioned fine. the 9 leaked. They sat on the shelf for some time. Over the past year, I have been fortunate to get a s ton of overtime. That allowed me to purchase some of the guns I never though I could afford. In the past year, I have acquired a couple of T8.1s along with a couple T15s. I learned that there was a conversion kit to allow T8s to fire first strike rounds. Sadly, I have not been able to find this kit. So, like any other member here, I decided to put together my own. This is when I discovered that new T8.1 and 9.1 barrels have a larger outside diameter then the T8 and 9. Simply put new barrels will not fit the old gun. So has anyone else discovered this. And is there a FS barrel available that fits the T8/9

    I used to have a pimped t8, an unnamed member of the forum now owns. I had FLASC barrel for it, and it was FS ready. I know its a long shot,but shoot em a message and see if they have one in storage. I hit them up on a tm15 trigger a few years ago, and they found one for me.

    If that doesnt work out, you can attempt to dremel your barrel.

    if it were me, Id just use the t8 for roundy ball as you seem to have 2x rs ready markers.

    The t9 Id try to get shooting fs rounds as thats more of a bulky gun in pistol form.


      Thanks. The main goal was more to FS the T9. The T8 as round ball only is fine with me.. In my searches through the forum and youtube, no one mentions the change in diameter or that the new barrels don't fit the old frames.


        Originally posted by COB View Post
        ... Simply put new barrels will not fit the old gun. So has anyone else discovered this. And is there a FS barrel available that fits the T8/9
        I've got a T8.0 with the FSR long range kit, bolt and spring. You are correct the barrels bewtween generations are different and won't work .0 vs .1. I don't recommend trying to dremel the groove in the barrel, unless you have a mill.

        At this point the T8 FSR bolt is a unicorn, but you can use a T8.1 bolt. You need to modify the inside of the bolt. I think you just change the threaded portion, I can't recall.
        As for barrels, I am only aware of the FSR barrel that came with the FSR bolt, and LAPCO made a T8.0 FSR barrel, but it is also unicorn status. It is just a smoothbore barrel, nothing fancy.

        You can mill/dremel out a T8.0 barrel so it will feed FSR's, I've done it with a T8.0 lapco barrel. Not recommended since you have a T8.1 though.


          Thanks for the response. I've decided not to screw with the T8 and T9. I will leave them as round ball only. If I want FS capability, I have 8.1's and 9.1's that I can use. I was just amazed/confused that they change the barrel diameter to ensure you can't interchange between series. I get they want to sell you a new upgraded version, but made the old version so obsolete by limiting any upgrades you may want in a barrel.