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T8 T8.1 rear engine design

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    T8 T8.1 rear engine design

    Can anyone explain why some T8's and T8.1's have thread in engines while others have bolt on back blocks. I have multiples of each t8/8.1 with different rear assemblies.

    I suppose they made various production changes as these were made. I seem to remember coming across various slight differences button can’t seem to remember now. Maybe a spring behind the trigger in one version? Or I’m mixing it up with a TIPX….
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      Thanks for the response. I would have thought that it was an improvement to the design. But I have 8.1's with both Tiberius and First Strike badges that have the direct screw in engine and Tiberius 8 and 8.1 that have the bolt on block engine. So random.


        Weird. Maybe using up some old stock? Mostly been working on T9s lately abs haven’t had a T8 to poke around in a few years. I’ll might pick up a bunch of gear with a silver T8 and I’ll have to look and see what’s on it.’s-feedback


          Add to the confusion the FSC. Mine has direct screw in engine with 2 rear screws to retain engine. Wanted to add rear Asa. That requires a 4 screw pattern on the back . Saw video on how to install. So it is now apparent that even the FSC has different rear assemblies. And no information telling you why or when there was a change in design. Making it a crap shoot to upgrade your equipment.



            The engine on the FSC has remained the same over time. I'm providing the manual below:


            If you have any questions involving upgrading your FSC, feel free to reach out to service@unitedtacticalsystems,com.



              You are correct. I had a TCP not a FSC. I now have both and the FSC has a different rear engine.