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Pro Carbine Value

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    Pro Carbine Value

    My brother has an old Pro Carbine that he bought many years ago, and is sitting in his basement for the past decade or so. I offered to buy it from him, but I dont know what it's worth.

    It has a 32 degrees drop and on/off ASA, and a J&J Ceramic barrel. The rest is stock.

    He does have a pair of old CO2 tanks, but they are WAY overdue for a hydro-test, so probably not worth much with the gun.

    I know it needs at least the detent inside (the little orange finger), and will probably need a full rebuild at this point. Also looks like the screws are a little rusty and will either need replacement, or at the very least, a clean-up.

    I've seen a few of these sell on eBay, but prices seem to vary. I'm sure it will clean up nicely, it's just dust and grime build-up from sitting so long. Will need a good amount of elbow-grease, but would be a nice retro shooter when done.

    So what do you guys think this is worth the way it sits? $50? $75?
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    you'll be surprised I bet, it probably just needs that ball detent replaced, and a new hammer o-ring. Run some oil through the ASA to lube up the valve and i bet you're in business. If that bolt is just cocked for show, then you probably don't need a new mainspring. But it the gun has been stored cocked, you may find you need to replace the mainspring
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