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ProLite HPA low FPS

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    ProLite HPA low FPS

    So yeah, went through the gun with an oring kit and replaced all of them. Oiled it a bit and got it to cycle fine off a ~850psi output tank but we couldn't get it above ~230fps even with the velocity screw backed damn near all the way out and he had put a small section of macro line on the spring pin as well for more tension which seemed to help get it cycling. Does it just need a new 7" mainspring? I was looking at the TechT valve spring upgrades for FPS and it looks like the .75in version would work. Can anyone confirm that it'd fit/work?

    Did you put the valve wedge back in? Its a small block of metal that sits between the front grip mounting screw and body, and limits the valve's movement.
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      I just checked, it's definitely in there.


        Does anyone know what sort of fitting and length I'd need to try and convert the stock air line to a steel braided hose? I have heard the larger inside diameter can help with HPA issues.


        • Myrkul


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          The valve is just standard 1/8th NPT threaded. I just ran a steel braid line right into that. On my build switching to a steel braided line increased the velocity by 70 FPS....

        Are you using a ninja reg? Try backing the tank off the ASA 1/4 turn. Ball valve regs can choke in some ASA. It might not be getting the pressure it needs. 850 input should be more then enough. has a bunch of parts for that if you need them.

        You should have no issues hitting 300+fps with a completely stock ProLite feeding it 800PSI. Stock everything. They usually shoot a lil hot at 800psi with the velocity screw backed all the way out. I would check to make sure it’s all assembled correctly, check that the tank Reg you are using isn’t choking in the Asa, after that rebuild it with fresh springs and seals. I doubt it’s to high a pressure because they don’t choke on C02 in the summer.

        What’s it do when you put Co2 to it? Throw a bucket on it see what it shoots. I don’t think the HPA is your issue.
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          Lots of prolites simply don’t like hpa. Try it on co2 if possible no let us know the results. Depending on how it runs with co2 would determine my advice for you


            Try a higher output hpa or CO2 as mention. I have a pro carbine that will only shoot 250-300 with my 1100psi Immortal Air tank, it barely gets past 240 with my ninja at 800psi.


              Hey guys, appreciate all the replies. Chuck E Ducky , we tried a standard rental crossfire and Tippmann steelie tanks with normal pins for the valve and it was the same deal. I am going to go out and get some co2, just need winter to end and the weather to be consistently over ~60*f here again. If that fixes the FPS issue, would an anti-siphon be recommended?