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Chinese Tippmann Detent Quality?

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    Chinese Tippmann Detent Quality?

    Anyone ever used the Tippmann detents on eBay/Amazon/Alibaba? Any quality issues?

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    Should be fine, tacomo garbage detents worked fine for me. Id be more concerned with how long those take to get here. They gotta be cheap too.


      Ordered some on Amazon from Captain Oring. Work fine. Regular price was a little speedy but on sale wasn’t bad. Hard to get decent priced bulk Tippmann detents in Canada.
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        I ordered this RPM set to rebuild my Pro Carbine. Doesnt say where they are sourced from.

        Tech T also offers them, I think they are $10 for 5. Not sure how they stack up though, as they are a little more pricey if buying a bunch.