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ProAm value vs conversion fodder ?

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    ProAm value vs conversion fodder ?

    I just discovered a pair of questionably functional ProAm's I picked up probably 15 years ago and completely forgot I even had because of life....

    Are these worth any significant money?
    One was a field gun, so I'm sure it needs some love.

    On the other hand, I kinda want to build a few magfed markers and LOVED shooting my 68 Carbine back in the day...

    I want to build a Sten and the ProAm fore grip might double well as a shroud and magazine well. The side of the breach would be easy to drill out and the fore grip could cap over the feeder opening. Pull the grip ofc the trigger frame and bolt on a stock that finishes the cosmetics and holds an ASA to receive 88gm cartridges... It's never going to shoot ropes magfed, so the lean supply shouldn't hurt. Ideally I would want to shift the cocking knob the the right side, but that can be faked or farmed out.

    My Titan faux Thompson has issues and would likely take a lot of work to convert to magfed... A ProAm has those nice rails along the bottom of the body to bolt a magazine well to or it could be worked into a bracket off a wood fore grip. I used square tubing my other build and like the look, so might go that route again for cosmetics. I'd love to have the cocking knob on top, that can be faked, farmed or finagled... A tank can be hidden in the wood stock so I don't have to run remote.

    Are these worth more untouched or are the mods too complex to be worth the effort?
    Where can I get rebuild kits for the guts?
    Tippman swapped my Carbine valve to a newer model at a Castle Conquest many moons ago, any chance they could do that with the ProAms?

    I can't answer everything, but
    • They are worth a bit more than Carbines and Pro-Lites since they're a bit more rare, but not significantly so to the point that I'd feel bad modifying one if that's what you want. If a used Pro-Lite in decent condition sells for $30, then I'd put the Pro/Am at $50-$75
    • Tippmann does not provide service or parts for these guns any longer; you can always call and ask but that's the answer you'll get with 98% certainty
    • Parts are getting tougher to find, but if I remember correctly, the valve uses the same plungers as the SMG/Special valve. That's your key rebuild component; unfortunately the usual sources seem to be out. I made a crappy drawing of it here.
    • Parts sources:
      • (you might get lucky)
      • Post a Want-to-Buy ad here. Probably your best bet as we have lots of pack rats with cluttered parts bins
      • (they have a nice diagram here)
    I might be convinced to tear mine down and size some o-rings if you want to put together a rebuild kit but I am also kinda lazy
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      I put up a Pro Am in "needing rebuilt but working" condition here for $25 plus shipping before the crash.

      Not one offer.



        Starting to look like I'll be using these two for mods...
        Three figures is where I start getting concerned about resale value.

        Most of what I have in mind is within my ability and I have a friend who can get welding done by a pro and occasionally some machining.


          Fleebay is where the most expensive prices on tippmanns are. Usually see people wanting dumb $200+ for tippmanns.

          Actual moving/sale price would be $100 and under

          As for parts, you best bet would to be to look on the smaller paintball supplier websites. Ebay has oring seal kits and one guy on there is selling the hammer bumpers at 2 for $10. Another Guy on ebay atm is selling a delrin and alumin starfire bolts.

          I've found old tippmann pro lite 45grips with bottom line asa and rear velocity adjuster on old mom/pop websites. You just gotta scroll down farther than the first 5 links when you search on Google lol.

          Ordered myself a 98 mad man spring kit to see if it'll work in my pro-lite. Wether it's gonna work or not I will see.

          Big argument on wether or not the pro lites/am can run on HPA. I'm betting I could get one to run HPA with a different spring setup.
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            BretG has modified SMGs to function on high output HPA. Since the Pro/Am valve is functionally similar it might be a candidate for tinkering. No guarantee since it's a heavier ball, but I bet valve tinkering plus mainspring tuning / RVA would get it working.

            Of course since there are a hundred other blowback guns that already work fine on HPA it's kinda pointless to put all this effort into one more but hey that's the kind of obscure stuff we do around here
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              Prolites can run on HPA. You might need a stronger hammer spring and you may need to boost the tank regulator to 900 psi.
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                Originally posted by BretG View Post
                Prolites can run on HPA. You might need a stronger hammer spring and you may need to boost the tank regulator to 900 psi.
                I've had my Pro Lite functioning on HPA, but, in the event that it needs more velocity, where would one get a stronger mainspring?
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                  By piles of prolite springs and look for the strong ones ... lol... seriously though that’s how I did it


                    Got it. Cheers!
                    “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” -Krishnamurti


                      Originally posted by BretG View Post
                      Prolites can run on HPA. You might need a stronger hammer spring and you may need to boost the tank regulator to 900 psi.
                      Yeah after testing with the hammer springs in the 98 spring kit I went to swapping my tanks around and found out it works just fine stock with a high output reg at the PSI you mentioned.

                      800psi only chuffed out 250fps while that 900psi went to 330fps.

                      I never bothered messing with the valve but maybe if I swapped the springs in it with a lighter one it might operate at a lower pressure.