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Pro carbine oring on valve?

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    Thanks Chappy. It's sort of weird I don't know. My wife thinks it's silly but some of the best times I had were with my dad paintballing so anyway. I got the new valve stem in today before I put it all back together does this does this look like the right orientation? I got this little top hat on the very far left then the new valve stem the spring and then the I guess the plug or whatnot.


    • Chappy


      Editing a comment
      That looks right to me. I haven’t opened one in a long time but that matches the diagrams I’m seeing as well

    Hey everyone I really appreciate all the help. She is up and singing. I'll be going out tomorrow to put some welts on some people for the first time in 15 years and I'm pretty excited because I think it'll feel like I'm playing with my dad again a little bit. Anyway I appreciate all the help. Here's a shot of her. I put some duracoat on her probably about 10 years back but she hasn't seen any action. Anyway I'm pretty excited thanks again. If I have any troubles I'll know where to come. Happy paintballing folks.