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Trying to find info on Tippmann Launcher

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    Trying to find info on Tippmann Launcher

    I saw a BST listing that included an item labeled simply as "Grenade Launcher" amongst a few other older markers. I realized it wasn't one of the Rap4 kinds of launchers that use a shell pre-filled with compressed gas to launch paintballs, but would instead run to the air source of any marker it was attached to. In theory, because you don't need any kind of pre-filled shell to operate the launcher, you could launch anything that fits within the tube. That piqued my interest so I tried to find more on it. I found this picture which looks identical to the image in the listing: Click image for larger version

Name:	sec.jpg
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    The website I found this on had it listed as "Scepter EGL-47 Paintball Gun Grenade Launcher," and upon searching that name, I found more similar launchers:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	LeftSide.jpg
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ID:	45739Click image for larger version

Name:	tippman-grenade-launcher-tm203.gif
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    ​I saw different websites refer to them as either the EGL 47 or TM203, and gathered that one or all of these were made by Tippmann Ordnance. I couldn't find anything besides this, and was wondering if anyone on here knows anything about these wacky looking launchers.

    I definitely know what a scepter is, been looking for one of those for I don’t know how long, super rare. Has no clue about the Tippmann one, that’s cool.