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RVA Screws

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    RVA Screws

    Going to make an rva with a back cap I have, and I am just wondering what size screws you guys use for them? If they are larger, should I worry about the spring/guide wobbling around in there?

    I’m afraid I don’t remember what size screw I used way back in the day when I did mine. All I know is that I picked one that was as close to the original hole size as possible to prevent any of those wobbling concerns.


      What Tippmann?

      I'd suggest no bigger than a 1/4"-20, and probably better off with 10-32.
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        Im 99% positive I used 10-32 on my prolite, for both the rva and a grub screw from the side to keep it in place.

        One thing to consider is depth. I had an old likely garage made rva on a prolite that allowed the rva to thread all the way in and bottom out. This would make the endcap essentially flat, and there would be no recess for the pin to remain in so it stayed centered. Occasionally the pin would pop out and cause me grief with recocking, not to mention when you back the rva out, the pin is no longer with it so nothing happens. My homemade rva's for prolites and procarbs are not threaded all the way to the bottom for that reason. It limits the travel a lot, and you can realy only get a 25 fps swing at that point.


          Ok, thanks guys. It's for a 98. I already have the deadlywinds RVA to mount a stock as well, and figured I might as well thread the stock mount to save some length.

          Unfortunately I buggered it because I was trying to thread for the screw that came with the deadlywinds, and I didn't realize the other plate piece for the rva served to stop the pin from moving.

          I guess I'll just stick with the deadlywinds, and if I'm feeling that strongly about it later, I'll JB weld it and redrill.

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