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Question Need to Start Sourcing Out Hammer O Rings forVM 68 - REPOST FROM MCB 2.0

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    Posted on 5-30-2017 by Giuseppe:

    Any updates?


      Posted on 6-12-2017 by pghp8ntballer:

      I just talked to Smiley yesterday. He said that the route he was pursuing it would be a couple grand to get the seals made. Unfortunately I do not have more info beyond that.

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        And this is ALL I can get from the Way Back Machine. There were more posts. Essentially, I made progress since then:

        - The 3D Printed hammer rings did not work and actually shredded apart after a few hundred cycles, and we had burping in the recock action.

        - Grooving the hammer for regular o rings is inconsistent and time consuming. And permanent. Essentially, you need a lathe to do it 100% correctly, but then you run into the same issues as the Chinese S4's hammers. There is a reason that the factory Hammer ring is compressed and made of the certain material. But Chaos was super crucial in exploring this option, and the modification does work if you can pull it. So BIG thanks to Chaos!

        - I went with injection mold as a process for making the factory style hammer o rings. To do this, we had the original factory stock hammer o ring measured professionally by three different outfits before making the molds. I did not trust those measurements presented earlier in this thread and had it done professionally for accuracy. We took those measurements to create the molds. Everything from measurements, to molds, to the "prototypes" was very expensive. By January of 2020, I had eight prototype hammer rings that seem to be completely identical to the factory seals of yester year. I have six of the eight prototypes in VM-68s that were not cycling properly and had hammer o rings that were gum. For testing purposes, Yeti and I tested the hammer seal at low PSI of 450 PSI to 1300 PSI. At the moment, all prototypes are allowing for flawless recocking action in the VM 68s. If anything, the VMs are recocking in colder weather which is "Neat".

        That is all I have for now.




          The new rings were sounding promising. Any news since then?



            At the moment, I am still testing when I can and saving up for the first production batch. I will keep you posted