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Randos asking for paint

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    I will give out paint to a renter. Not to a regular. And only if we are bunkered together working towards a common goal. If I leave early, which I usually don't, any leftover pods or open bags I'll usually give out in staging.

    Plus, I only carry 50 round pods at most anyway!


      Originally posted by Altec View Post
      We play to have fun. I want everyone to have as much or more fun than I am.
      This resonated with my soul & loins.
      💀Wild Card, Ragnastock💀


        Most of the time I will help someone out when we're on the field. I don't carry a lot of paint with me so if I give someone a pod that's 50% of what I'm carrying. But I use that to force me to make moves or shoot more carefully. On rec games I will dry fire and stay in the game so having paint isn't always a necessity. If I'm playing with experienced players I find they don't usually ask. I have offered up a pod to players in those cases to keep them on the field and maintain numbers. I don't mind sharing paint as long as it's not the same guy every game.
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          All. The. Damn. Time.

          I'll top kids off instead of leaving random paint my my pods but adults..... No get bent. Unless you are on my team no.


            Depends I’m Usualy running 10 or 50. But I also only shoot like 500 Total paintball when I go out to play. If we are I. The same bunker or they look like they will walk off just cuz they are out of paint. I’ll throw them a pod or my tube holder and tell them to fill up. And keep playing

            if it’s the long baller who just sprays paint into The air na.

            big boy pods I throw to people like candy. Cuz by the time I use them the paints gunna be dimples anyways haha


              Usually encounter this at SG. If we’re waiting out a defend objective, sure, it helps me to have more guns vs opfor.


                People were generous to me when I first started playing, so I often share if I can. I consider it a way to stay good with Velcor.

                That said, I carry 240 rounds for most instances. When I share you might get 50.


                  Only the kiddies, but sometimes I hand a pod to a magfed player as a joke, say "too bad" and then run off and get shot while they're standing there looking confused


                    Last time I was out nobbie333 realized he only loaded half his hopper while in the staging area, so I lent him an extra ball, and told him to make good use of it . I'm a good bro like that
                    Velcor will save us...

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                      We also took apart a hopper that was full in the middle of a game Without loosing to much OpusX was very gracious to hold all my other gear


                      • OpusX


                        Editing a comment
                        Ah yes the great Spire midgame rebuild, which somehow worked out pretty well.