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Paintball and Beer&πŸ”₯

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    I never made it habit of mixing booze and paintball. When I drank, I would gladly tie one in afterwards. But never before, or during.

    I run my f!ck!ng @$$ off on the field... I will run to the point I almost puke even without a tummy full of Irish water.

    Now, weed, on the other hand... I don't think I have played paintball without smoking weed beforehand since I started smoking weed... circa 2002?
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    • MrKittyCatMeowFace
      MrKittyCatMeowFace commented
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      You and I probably will understand this better than some. Once you get really "experienced" with weed. You know how to operate on it. How much to take, what strain, etc etc. never do I promote it but why do i need to prove anything. We do it cause we like it.

    The idea of drinking during play doesn't bother me. What bothers me is how many times I have read about you guys drinking Miller High Life! I guess it's because I'm Canadian.

    Moderation is key...I have played with a belligerent drunk before, that wasn't fun.
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    • Cdn_Cuda


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      For people who have never tasted a good champagne or beer.....

    • Lazarus78
      Lazarus78 commented
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      when high life is ICE cold. it tastes like adult apple juice. mmm mmmmm MMMMMM!

    • lew


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      Adult apple juice? You mean (hard) cider, which will actually get you drunk?

    No kidding, if you're going to drink, at least have some freaking class.

    The sham-pog-nay of beers is still piss-water. Beer that comes in a can belongs in Red Fang music videos, and literally nowhere else. It's not for human consumption outside the trailer park. I would rather drink paint, personally.

    Grab some Jameson or some 100% agave tequila or a nice local IPA that comes in a bottle (or a growler, or a keg)...

    Miller f!ck!ng High Life... you all disappoint me, and I don't even drink anymore.
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    • BenoitOWN


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      Im sorry your cans suck ... my options here are much better. :P

    • DavidBoren
      DavidBoren commented
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      I used to drink PBR... hey, they don't hand out those blue ribbons for nothing! And then I grew up, moved out of the trailer park, got a real job, and realized that I can afford better.

      Drinking 26 beers is stupid. Get all full of foam, bloated, gassy... gross. It's sloppy. And even worse, dangerous.

      I started drinking Alpha Centuri 24oz bottles. One bottle is worth, what, close to six P-Burrs? Less liquid, same drunk. Efficiency is key for long-term alcoholism.

      Then I got tired of still drinking 3, 4, 5 Alpha Centuris... start buying bottles of good booze. Pour it in a glass. Drink like a gentleman. Not all pinkies up, or any of that "fancy" stuff. But I'm not crushing beer cans on my forehead anymore, and my trash is much less overflowing.

      Six months ago I just said f!ck it and stopped altogether. No less an alcoholic, but I don't drink anymore. I can't say I'm any better off for it, but I did realize that I don't need it nearly as much as I thought I did.

      For me, paintball is the event. It is the entertainment. I don't need anything other than paintball to enjoy paintball.

      I smoke weed everyday, regardless of whether or not I am going to play paintball. If I am going to interact with the public in any way, I smoke twice as much... probably more for their sake than mine. It's my medicine, and you wouldn't like me without my medicine.

    • DavidBoren
      DavidBoren commented
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      I don't mean to sound like a snob. Lol.

      Beer in a can is no different than beer in a bottle. Beer is beer, honestly. Alpha Centuri, a dirty 30 of Keystone, Miller High Life, Milwaukee's Beast, Natty Ice, Pee-Brr... doesn't matter because beer is all about the destination, not the journey.

      Or maybe being a belligerent alcoholic makes every drink about the destination and not the journey. I don't know, I was never one to approach drinking half-assed, and that's why I had to stop.

      I can tell you one thing, though, I will NOT go back to the trailer park. Troy Montana is a dead end for me. It's where dreams go to die. People in Montana call Troy the "white rez" because it's impoverished, dilapidated, and depressing. The book World War Z has a chapter about Troy Montana being so pathetic and back-woods that the zombie plague never gets there, and it's a safe haven for humanity... I would rather be a zombie.

    I wish the stigma of canned beers would go away. That tech has come a long way and offers an affordable packaging option for craft breweries. Many of my favorite craft beers come in a can. Given the choice, I'll always take the can. If I have the luxury of pouring it into a glass, great - I'll take it. And if I'm packing during a MTB ride for some ridge line courage then cans are the only option.

    Efficiency is key for long-term alcoholism.
    Let me introduce you to liquor...
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      I have had no fewer than 3 experiences where a player was biligerent and ready to throw hands when they were drinking.

      Substance use frequently leads to poor decisions.

      I have never been to a paintball field that was better for poor decisions. Nor an insurance premium made lower by such behavior.


        Lots of really good beers, and really bad beers come in can's around here.
        Originally posted by MAr
        ... Nish deleted it...

        Originally posted by Axel "coffee-fueled, beer-cooled."

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        • CrowsFeast


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          Anyone who thinks cans are only good for bad beers; allow me to introduce you to Bellwoods. Like IPA's? - Bellwoods has great ones canned. Like farmhouse saison? - Bellwoods, Like sours?-Bellwoods.

          Not sure if they've canned any of their good imperial stouts though... Plenty of other great craft brewers around with those though.

        • Nish


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          I think the big shift to quality from a can came when the someone realized that you could get all the machines to can beer... and make good money canning for Microbreweries so they didn't have to invest in those machines.

        I don't care what other people do as long as they don't jeopardize safety have at it. Most places have wavers that say drinking and such is not allowed to cover the field. But I have never seen a field that has stopped people from doing so. But I have also never seen people getting belligerent except for maybe a few events that are basically big party with paintball, like ION, or ICC after you get knocked out, EMR back in the day. But that was often after games or between. If its hot out and someone offers a cold one I won't ever pass it up but its not something I would get for a regular day of play. Thats saved mostly for events hanging out with friends after the game.

        Last year at ICC the left over beer was put on tables for all to partake and celebrate after the event. So sad it was canceled this year RIP TM40


          Everything in moderation, including moderation.

          Personally, I wait until after the game. Dehydration and puking on the field is something I can do without beer.

          That and a lot of the fields I play at are near golf courses where cops always set up on the main routes picking off drunk boomers heading home after stopping at the 19th hole.


          • Chuck E Ducky

            Chuck E Ducky

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            That’s another good point. I don’t drink and drive. So it’s got to be a game I’m camping or hanging out after at.

          Ill say this. Id glady have a few drinks and some flower with any of you guys . I think a mcb paintball party would be nothing but a good time, them strangers the ones you got to worry about. πŸ₯³


          • Falcon16


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            Agreed, All I can say is ever been to EMR? drinking is a way of life there with the MCB bunkhouse, at least the last time I was around, don't know if we still have a bunkhouse or not.

          I see nothing wrong beers after the game is over that said beer/weed and guns of any kind don't mix. My old home field (now closed sadly) the last event we had when it was all over the owner opened his beer fridge and started passing out what was left in it. That said we were all packed up and nobody was ever going back on that field again.
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            With all the sprinting, sliding, etc... I like to do, drinking while playing is going to be Puke City. No thanks. After? No problemo...
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              I never drink on game day. Only the night before or the night after, and never at the field unless I'm camping there the night before.

              As much as I love tying one on, it really bugs me when people crack open a cold one during game day. I don't care how good your tolerance is. You should never use pb markers, firearms, vehicles, etc. while under the influence of alcohol. Even when I was drinking a lot in my early 20s I never drank at the field. Paintball is serious business when it comes to safety & I never compromise on that. If I see others drinking & playing I watch them like a hawk to make sure I either avoid them or keep an eye out for unsafe actions. My safety & the safety of others is paramount.

              ...Now that I'm thinking of it, the only time I ever had a beer at the field was for my bachelor party, & I had 1 the whole time there, near the end, & I wasn't driving. But it's NEVER happened on any other occasion. I actually feel kinda dirty now, remembering that after typing the previous paragraph.
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              • Siress


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                Shameful. Haha. Time and a place for it... Context is everything.

              Originally posted by Chuck E Ducky View Post
              I don't care what other people do as long as they don't jeopardize safety have at it. 0
              Here is the root of the issue.

              People may have the best intentions when sober, but when drunk, they make poor choices. That is a fact of life.
              And paintball can be dangerous when safety protocols are not followed. I have to manage the risk I am willing to accept.

              For years I worked at AGNH, and we had a liquor license. The second you touched a beer, you were done playing. This was strictly enforced.
              But I would never go anywhere near a field that allowed the two to mix. Thats crazy


                ION Crushing Blue yummies while filling up with paint for the next big push NXL 10man enjoying a cold one with the boys in the pits. ICC after getting knocked out and enjoying cold brew pit side while watching finals hanging with the pros and ref crew. Yup I'm guilty as charged.


                  There's no need for the mixture of beer and other substances at the field in my opinion. Afterwards? Dive in if that's your fancy.
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