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line si bushmaster?

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    line si bushmaster?

    just pulled the trigger on a line si bushmaster on ebay this evening, been looking for one for awhile, but could never find one with a lever changer for a decent price.

    Was wondering how people like them compared to other nelsons? (I have a couple phantoms and a carter mini buzzard currently)

    Also in the description it said it has a fixed barrel, I'd imagine that would make it older than other line si's of the time?

    Thanks for any info

    The one I just sold had a very nice trigger. The only other Nelson I've ever had was a hammer 7, so I don't have much to compare it to. I liked the pump handle on the hammer 7 better, but mostly because I could grab the front end and push backwards.

    The velocity adjuster on the line SI was a bit annoying because it took an odd size flathead screwdriver rather than an allen key (I don't know if this is normal). It was nice however, because velocity was adjusted by removing the valve and screwing it in on the hammer rather than a long Allen key down the barrel to the bolt.

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      Anything special about this one? Does it have adjustable bolt or will you be needing a spring kit to adjust velocity?


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        besides the lever changer and unibody barrel, thats all I know, I'll have to wait and see what else is on her when she arrives

      I like line SI bushies. Nice smooth pump stroke and well balanced.
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        I have one with the 007 frame ... its the best nelson i have used ...
        The lever is great.

        Does it have adjustable barrel and removable barrel?
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          I much prefer a bushmaster to a phantom; I think bushmasters are smoother and feel better in the hands. Fixed barrel doesn't really indicate age but if you bought the one sugarstump had for sale then it's got an older style body. Lapco made a velocity adjustable bolt+hammer combo that I like a lot but they're pretty tough to find. If it has the stock internals you'll be adjusting velocity through the hammer like Toestr mentioned. You'll probably get rollouts with the unibody but if it bothers you Bacci has one deluxe body for sale that will work with your style of valve:

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            gotcha, I'm not too worried about rollouts, on my old unibody phantom I placed a small piece of electrical tape just ahead of the breach and that worked fine for me

          It's worth noting that if you're not worried about originality, unibody... er, bodies, can be quite easily machined to accept 'Cocker-thread barrels.

          It's also not impossible to re-thread the cut-off barrel to fit the new threads, and bore it for inserts. You lose about 1-3/8" of the total barrel length, but you keep the barrel profile, the same anno color and wear, etc.

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