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I knew she would be tight but...

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    Originally posted by Chappy View Post
    On the 98 with the forward very air it was basically under the gun. It came with a pro fx kit for the 98 that included ar furniture as well.
    I always wanted to do a cqb 98 with a short barrel and an intruder.
    I need to snap some pics of my 98 with intruder foregrip and shorty armson stealth barrel. that plus an M98 adaptor is stupid fun. a small hopper or stickfeed works too


      That's sick


        Originally posted by punkncat View Post
        You need a longer tank then. Butt of the tank should fall in the crook of your elbow.
        Originally posted by ChoSanJuan View Post
        Not tight enough! Get a Z-Frame on it! LOL
        Originally posted by SignOfZeta View Post
        You’re clearly not hold it up high enough.
        "... need a longer tank..." they said, "Not tight enough!" they said, "...not...high enough." they said.
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          Now you need a 114ci on there.
          “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” -Krishnamurti


            I have the same expansion chamber on a Tippmann A5, and had thought about running it on a Minimag. I don't even try to shoulder it. I hold it out in front with arms bent, or shoot from the hip.