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Ebay fee's in a nut shell..

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    Ebay fee's in a nut shell..

    Dye Sniper .. Pump/ WGP/ Autococker... Nice!
    Item number: 255051997579opens in a new window or tab
    Item price: $665.00
    QTY 1
    Fees based on: $716.54

    Final Value Fee
    Variable percentage • Sporting Goods category
    Rate for $0.00 - $7,500.00
    Final Value Fee
    Per order fixed amount
    Total fees

    I don't know why you bother on there anymore


      Yup, sold a knife on there last year and was completely blown away at the fees. That and no paypal means its a solid NOPE to selling anything there.
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      • un2xs


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        Wait.... you can't use PayPal on EBAY anymore? When did this happen?

      • Lt. head-shot

        Lt. head-shot

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        You can't get paid via Paypal. Ebay wants direct link to a seller's bank. I haven't tried to buy anything on ebay lately but I believe you can still use paypal as a buyer, just not as a seller. It makes no sense, but I didn't make the rules!

      • shadow191
        shadow191 commented
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        eBay spun Paypal off in 2015 and for a while the agreement didn't allow them to compete against each other. Believe that's no longer the case so as of June 2021, they've made it mandatory to only get paid via their system as seller. Can still pay via Paypal as buyer but not matter types of payment used, it all goes through the eBay payment system and that's what is linked to your bank account as seller. I only sell infrequently on eBay these days but saw the email come through for change to terms.

      Don’t forget the 1099 too


        Keep in mind that eBay no longer wants individual sales, let alone auctions. They want bulk sales by bulk retailers, hence the flood of cheap Chinese crap. They- eBay- makes more money with fewer complaints that way.

        In other words, they want to get away from eBay the auction house, and switch over to Amazon Lite. (And that's neither hyperbole nor sour grapes- that's been the official declared intent by the CEO, since she was hired over a decade ago.)

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          Originally posted by Ecapnation View Post
          I don't know why you bother on there anymore
          Well, I listed the Marker here on MCB & FB for 550.00 + shipping and got crickets... Listed it up on eBay for 665.00 and it sold within an hour. and the guy paid 716.54 after Tax..
          Its one of the largest market places in the world and higher end stuff sells pretty fast...I got what I wanted for it, so its all good.....I dont auction anything, to many variables like ending time, day of the week and holidays.. Fixed price is the way to go and add eBay fee's into the price...


            I knew ebay was pushing out smaller sellers back when they bought craigslist. At the time, everyone thought it was crazy, but I though it just meant they wanted to be more "store like".
            And they can push all the smaller sellers over to craigslist


              Yeah, I read the fee description, and it made me not wanna sell on there. Your post confirms what I thought.


                If you're in a rush to sell something and don't care about fees, it works well. Like the above, I've listed things that got no bites then sold on eBay really fast. But I try to avoid it all together.
                Feedback 3.0

                Originally posted by SignOfZeta;
                Us beardos with wallets need to occasionally make our voices heard.


                  I sold a Sony A6300 for like $550 on eBay after fees that sounds bad but, KEH was only offering like $300. It seems hard to avoid using eBay if you want things to sell quickly. I worry about using things like FB marketplace due to privacy, I would prefer the buyer knows only what they need to know about who I am.

                  if it does happen that my friend finds all of my old paintball gear I will probably end up posting lots of it on eBay, probably here too but this is a tiny market I imagine. Especially when I was looking through my old photos and realized I didn’t have one shoebox shocker I had three, left, right, and vertical feed and no one needs that many.


                    Originally posted by Euphie View Post
                    ...and no one needs that many.
                    ...the hell you just say? 😆
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                      problem was (like many other good sites, companies, ect) ebay had a good thing going and GOT GREEDY.

                      in the beginning it was the biggest "flea market" that not only offered a place where if you were the "big boys", little shop or just wanted to get rid of a few things all were welcome but a (relatively) simple and protected payment system.

                      along with an easy to understand and SIMPLE fee system.
                      where (as sam walton used to say) they made money ON VOLUME, not individual sales.

                      boy did they make money.

                      now i understand something had to be done to stop the "shady" practice some did by giving the "shipping price " as what it cost then a low "bidding price" so to bypass the fee system (no fees on shipping).

                      but common now they try to get every damn dime by confusing and multiple fees structure.

                      sad really since they had a good thing that made them TON of money.. but they wanted more and now here we are.

                      just have them sue the crap out of the competition and the fall to the dark side/smart parts / gardners is complete (yea i went there).



                        ive been on ebay for many years and noticed a steady decline from what it used to be.

                        now there are dozens of "sellers" all operated by the same seller.

                        joe in Flanders NJ will have multiple "stores" to increase the chances of a sale:
                        joes paintball
                        paintball jay
                        pj paint
                        panit by jay
                        all sports
                        in sports
                        sports by jay

                        and whats even worse is Joe has different store locations on the east and west cost. this way there he will always have a store close to "you" if you want something quicker. and the biggest pain in the arse is that Joe dosent even stock this stuff. he simply drop ships it from another vender in china. so even though youre looking at US sellers only (to get something sooner) the seller is just forwarding the product from china.

                        every try to buy a vacuum on ebay...? lol
                        what a joke.
                        "LIFTETIME WARRANTY" right on the main picture. Ok, i thought to myself, maybe its just on the defects and such. so i look into the warranty and return policy in the finer print and it has a 60 day warranty. WTF? i contact the seller and they said that it clearly states (in the finer print) that it only has a 60 day warranty. i sent them a screen shot of the picture and they said that its "just a picture from a previous listing and that the warranty period is clearly written as 60 days"...

                        so i tried to contact ebay. as far as i can tell, ebay is entirely automated. not a single person works at ebay. seriously. i could not for the life of me get in contact with an actual person.

                        and yeah, the market has been absolutely flooded with china stuff. if you look for a 12vDC power supply, almost ALL of the thousands of listing are 3 or 4 models sold by thousands of "different" sellers. most of which are repeat sellers with different store names.


                          My experience the past few years on the bay is you can find unique items...and that's about it. Occasionally get a cheap version of an item that the cheap version is all I need but Amazon almost always has something similar for pennies more with free next-or-second-day shipping. The new fee levels are ridiculous, they've been pestering me about giving them my bank info for months so far i'm like 'nah' but as said above it is still one of the largest marketplaces out there, hard to ignore if you want to get something sold.


                            I always seem to get more money after fees on ebay than not. However, there are a ton of scammers and bots, and you really have to be careful. I stopped listing markers as BIN because so many scammers would hit the BIN I got frustrated with cancelling the sale and re-listing. Now I usually run auctions on high priced paintball stuff and then I can ban the bad apples from the auctions. Its pretty YMMV tho.

                            Its pretty good for niche market things that don't have a lot of other avenues for direct sales. I sold a ton of Pin Ball stuff on ebay last year and was definitely worth it even after fees.