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Ebay fee's in a nut shell..

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    So question for all the ebay experts. If I'm selling a marker, how much should I add to the price to cover fees? If I expect the actual value of the marker to be around 250-300 what should I aim for?

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    • caylegeorge
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      I would take the money you want and divide it by .87, or .85 to be safe to get the price you want in your pocket. So, if you want $100, 100/.85 = 117, list at $117.

      Don't forget you get charged the same fee on shipping (as people would hide profits there) so use the same multiplier on the shipping, or, build that fee into the item price.

    I haven’t sold anything on eBay in a little while, this thread has convinced me not to bother updating my info so I could again. It’s too bad too, it used to be so easy. Facebook feels like a lottery to find anything on, Craigslist is not what it used to be. There’s a really opportunity here for some ambitious programmers to make something new.


    • un2xs


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      Hmmmm.... I wonder if Elon has some kind of non-compete clause?

    There’s a really opportunity here for some ambitious programmers to make something new.
    -Maybe, but unlikely. eBay, Craigslist and especially Facebook, have, collectively, literally tens of thousands of patents on the software, appearances and interfaces. Why doesn't somebody just code up "eBay the way it used to be"? Because they have nearly every aspect of that appearance and operation patented. Said programmers would have to be clever indeed to come up with something that's as easy to use as the current features, but doesn't infringe on any one of the thousands of patents that cover those features.

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      A couple of my small pleasures as of late have been the cancellations of both my eBay and Netflix accounts.
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        I build the fees into the price if the current ebay market will handle it.

        1. Selling a space dildo for $450 shipped (fees apply to TOTAL sale amount, including shipping)
        2. Add in the 12.5% fees ebay charges => $506.25 shipped
        3. Verify current ebay market price (and only the ebay market, not forums, FB, ect.)
        4. Adjust price to make it more appealing 499.97 (less than $500 before taxes, yada yada)
        5. Post up on ebay and see what happens
        6. *Optional* list on forums at the $450 shipped price and kill the ebay listing if it sells elsewhere (I don't have time for this anymore, but it works)
        If the current ebay market is too far off from what I want then I don't sell the item on ebay and only do forums. Ebay is one of the largest online markets that still has some availability for general slums to sell used gear to a massive market that naturally flock to the website and search for items they are interested in. Plus the automation saves me quite a bit of time and is usually worth the fees charged on my end.

        When I was doing the majority of my ebay sales a few years ago, it wasn't uncommon for me to have $600 - $1000 in fees per month. I just built the cost into the item and you guys on here knew that you could always contact me for a slight discount

        It is entirely possible for someone to set up an "ebay like" market just for personal sales, but that will take money to run and will require some sort of fees to maintain and pay employees with. It will probably have to start off as a passion project but will require some serious moderation as to what is listed over time if it gets big. I don't imagine it being very easy to do.


          Yeah I list most things here, PBN and FB first. If I don't get any traction, I list them on eBay at a higher price. This worked for me on my recent Axe sale. I listed it on eBay for 390 but had it everywhere else for 360. A guy found it on PBN after seeing it eBay. eBay has become a real pain to use with the higher fees. True, items go for higher prices, they also take higher cuts and it seems like I always get less than what I want.

          I hate using FB to buy and sell but there are a lot of people there. The biggest issue I have is that if I don't save the post I lose it and may never see it again. It's frustrating to lose a post because the platform is so screwed up. At least here and PBN I can scroll back and find the post. Search is also better. FB is a crap shoot.
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            Between the fees and shifty shady sellers, I closed my fleabay account and haven't looked back.
            “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” -Krishnamurti


              I only sell here since ebay banned me from selling a few years ago. Decided to just not pay my fees after selling a few items. I sell low because i hate waiting and i already lost money on the item so whats another few bucks so it will just be sold quickly and i can be rid of it. Im not a business so I don't care about maximizing my profits. I still got something out of it instead of nothing so its fine by me that I didn't get that extra 20 or 50 dollars i could have if i listed at "market value". Whatever that means in paintball lol. Stuff is just all over the map. And all it takes is one or two items getting sold "high" to cause prices to go up across the board since most people still use ebays sold list as a way to price stuff.